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Decay Times

It often takes a long time before litter from the environment disappears. Here are some examples that show how long it takes before litter disappears:

  • Paper – 6 months
  • Cigarette butts – 2-5 years
  • Banana peel - 3 months
  • Plastic shopping bag – 10-30 years
  • Gum – 20-25 years
  • Aluminum Can – 200-400 years

Last Article

by Karen O'Brien
on May 18, 2014

Every day New Zealanders throw away 802,466 wheelie bins of rubbish. But not all of it really needs to be thrown out, surely something could be donated or sold to people who want or need the product....

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by Birkan Akin , 64 views
“Don’t throw your future away” (Official Campaign Video)

Project Director: Birkan Akin

Young Reporters: Deniz Bozkurt, Cicek Aykanat, Nehir Bozkurt


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Why bother when river will take it all away
posted on May 26, 2014
photo by NU ECOM