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Sources of Litter

  1. Motorists discarding litter out of windows
  2. Pedestrians dropping litter on the street or footpaths
  3. Roadside litter from uncovered loads or rubbish that is not covered can easily be blown out of trucks, cars and trailers
  4. Household rubbish and rubbish from the wind and animals disturbing unsecured items
  5. Commercial rubbish can become litter if not secured by good covering or weights on top of it
  6. Litter from uncontrolled building waste and workers
  7. Litter left by people picnicing or relaxing and enjoying themselves
  8. Major events involving many people can create a large amount of litter
  9. Illegal dumping
  10. Intentional or habitual littering, for reasons such as laziness or acts of rebellion

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by Karen O'Brien
on May 18, 2014

Every day New Zealanders throw away 802,466 wheelie bins of rubbish. But not all of it really needs to be thrown out, surely something could be donated or sold to people who want or need the product....

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Why bother when river will take it all away
posted on May 26, 2014
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