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The Litter Less Campaign

Participants of the Litter Less Campaign investigate a local litter issue, for example the affect on local wildlife or human health, the brands or packaging most often discarded by people, etc. Journalistic production in the form of articles, photographic reportage, or video clips must be produced. The production must include suggestions for solutions on minimising litter.

YRE students or student group share their investigations by posting articles, photographs and videos about them on this website. Students are also encouraged to dissminate their work in other ways, for example via print, broadcast or social media.

A National YRE Jury in each of the participating countries will select the best articles within the Litter Less Campaign for each age group. The winners will be announced in a national press releases and receive a relevant and sustainable prize e.g. a camera to continue capturing good picture stories. There cannot be joint winners, only one winning individual or group per age category and media type.

The International YRE Jury then select the international winners from among the national winners of the Litter Less Campaign. International winners will be announced through a press release and social media. 

The winning student from each country in each of the age categories for articles, photography and video (11-14, 15-18 and 19-21) i.e. max nine participants per country, depending on entries, will also be invited to take part in an all expenses paid international workshop. Some teachers or lecturers may also be invited. Where submissions were from a group, the student who, for example. a supervisor deemed worked hardest or is decided by other fair means such as being drawn at random from a hat full of names might be selected. If budget allows for additional students to be invited National Operators will be informed by the International YRE Director.


Last Article

by Karen O'Brien
on May 18, 2014

Every day New Zealanders throw away 802,466 wheelie bins of rubbish. But not all of it really needs to be thrown out, surely something could be donated or sold to people who want or need the product....

Last Video

by Birkan Akin , 44 views
“Don’t throw your future away” (Official Campaign Video)

Project Director: Birkan Akin

Young Reporters: Deniz Bozkurt, Cicek Aykanat, Nehir Bozkurt


Last Photo

Why bother when river will take it all away
posted on May 26, 2014
photo by NU ECOM