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Why People Litter?

If we can understand why people litter we can help stop the litter problem.

The reasons people might litter include:

  • Laziness. More than half of all littering occurs within five meters of a garbage can or bin
  • Deliberate action. Often litter is not simply left behind, but placed carefully in chosen locations
  • Poor design and location of garbage cans
  • Insufficient rubbish bins
  • Habit and forgetfulness
  • Unavailability of ashtrays

Wedgers, undertakers and foulshooters

Have you ever seen these litterers in a public place near you?

  • Wedgers: Litterers that stuff or wedge their litter in small places, such as a gap between seats, so it will not be seen.
  • Undertakers: Litterers that cover or bury their litter under soil, sand or leaves.
  • Foulshooters: People who throw rubbish to the rubbish bin can, miss and leave the rubbish on the ground.

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